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Mattresses for Extra Exciting Sex Life: Mattressify Latest Review [2017]

There’s no rhetoric spared when it comes to finding new ways to sell mattresses. Do you want your aging bones to suffer in pain each night? Do you want your baby to wheeze and pant due to an infection? Do you want your pregnant wife to be sleepless for her entire final trimester? Do you want to have bad sex?

Of course you don’t! You want to give your family the best, and you definitely want to have the best sex, so getting the “best mattress” is probably the way to go about with it, right? Well, it depends of what you think the best mattress is. It’s certainly not what you think it is, that’s for sure. read more

How much sleep kids need

A to Z Guide: How Much Sleep You Need Based On Your Age

Everyone believes people needs 8 hours of sleep. That’s what we were told when we were kids. In fact, everyone except babies and toddlers are expected to stick to this completely arbitrary number of sleeping hours. It is no surprise we’re all deep in sleep debt. We just can’t seem to stay on top of our days!

Misconceptions abound about sleep and healthy sleeping routines. But there are facts one can rely on, obtained scientifically. The National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute carries a detailed guide on their website about how much need one needs to function optimally. The statistics come from the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, and are endorsed by the American Academy of Pediatrics. It also has a neat note about sleep debt, what it is and how you can calculate it. read more

improve posture with your sleeping positions

How to improve posture with your sleeping positions?

When people think posture, they think of how they walk and sit on their desk. Your sitting and walking postures are important. But the importance they are accorded often comes from the fair share that should have belonged to sleeping posture.

Posture when you’re sleeping? I’m kidding, right? Nope. I’m dead serious. How you sleep is a crucial component not just to the quality of rest you get at night, but also your health in everyday life. Sleeping positions are dynamic. We course through several every night, and our preferences change over the year as well. Sadly, not all positions are good for the body and its health. read more

bedroom image

How to design your bedroom for a better sleep?

An ideal bedroom is not just a closed space with a futon in it. It is a room that is meant to do so much. You rest in it, have sex in it, weep in it after a break-up, watch you-tube videos in it and eat junk while wrapping yourself in the sheets. A bedroom is the most important part of the house! So it makes sense that one pays attention to it, taking care of how it is designed, arranged and also how it comes off to others apart from yourself.

Why better a bedroom’s design? Because a bedroom is a space that you relax in. It is meant for respite from the world; it is every person’s safe place where they can say, think and feel whatever they want, however they want. Besides, making your bedroom a more welcoming space makes it more conducive to proper rest, which can boost your performance at work, school or in your social circles. Nobody would want to pass on that, right? read more

Leesa vs. Casper Mattress: An In-Depth Comparison

Leesa and Casper are mattress companies often pitted against each other on the internet over the quality and affordability of their products. There are tens of reviews and comparisons made between them, so it gets confusing when it comes to deciding between the two for your own bedroom. In this post, we’re going to attempt comparing them in a manner that is less exhaustive but most efficient. Not because the details don’t matter, but because you don’t need any more complications in evaluations to choose between the two. read more

best bed for a side sleeper with chronic lower back pain

What is the Best Bed for a Side Sleeper with Chronic Lower Back Pain | A Sleep Guide

Finding a good bed to sleep in is one of those things that are really important to peoples’ well being but are summarily looked away from by virtually everyone. You cannot have a decent night’s sleep if your bed is lumpy, doesn’t support your body properly or otherwise causes you discomfort. So it is important that we discuss about proper beds, and especially for side sleepers, who get really bad deals while buying beds for themselves.

The common paradigm employed when designing mattresses is that people sleep on their backs. Even as the position is employed by only 15% people (though the number is corroborated by sparse research), it attains undue importance and dictates how the world sleeps. On the contrary, side sleepers, especially people who sleep in the foetal position (41%) have to make do with beds and mattresses that are not suitable for them in terms of both health and comfort. read more

A Guide to Decide Your Mattress As Per Your Sleep Posture (Infographic)

An average human spends 1/3rd of his life sleeping, A wise man once said “if you earn a bit of extra money then you should spend it on something that you do for a majority of your life which is sleeping”.

If invested right your mattress can serve you beyond your imagination, Your whole health depends upon what kind of mattress you have, how much ease does your lumbar get and the hours of your deep sleep.

The very first thing to be checked here is your bed, is it having the right posture and aligned according to your lumbar. What material is it made up of. You need to take care of all the minute details to ensure a good night sleep.

Know what is best as per your sleeping style

  • People who love to sleep on either of their side generally tend to have spine problems so they should look for bed which is stress relieving and supports spines. If this is you then go with Hybrid Mattress.
  • If you love just dozing off watching your fan then you will require a mattress with strong lumbar support. Go with a latex mattress.
  • Least amount of people sleep this way but if you sleep on your stomach then you will require a memory foam mattress that relieves any type of pressure on your body.

The better your body weight is distributed on the mattress, the better sleep you will get. Ideally 8% weight should be of your head, 33% of shoulders, 44% of hips followed by 15% of legs.


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People who tend to complain about lower back pain are generally who are stomach sleepers which is due to their wrong sleeping position. If you are one of them then get yourself a mattress which adapts nicely to your body contours. Another set of people are the ones who complain about neck or shoulder pain which happens due to sleeping over a rough surface or hard foam. Don’t worry because the remedy is to change your mattress to a latex one which shall align your spine in correct position.

Secret sauce to deep sleep

Deep sleep depends on your environment where you sleep and lie down. Make sure you have a proper posture while hitting the bed, dim the lights, don’t see TV/phone prior to sleep and avoid having coffee. You can have warm milk or banana to ease your senses.

Quick Pointers

Research Well:

Always make sure to do the research before you do fix your choice. Make sure to find the best match as per your current conditions

See for Adjustable Beds:

With technology getting advanced something wise had to come and so there are many people who like the flexibility of electric beds.

No compromise on Comfort:

No matter what always prioritize your comfort while choosing your bed. It needs to appeal you more than anything else.

Comparison Between Innerspring Mattress and Memory Foam

The biggest chunk of competition in the mattress industry is arguably divided between memory foam mattresses and innersprings. Memory foam mattresses have a lot of marketability, given they are made from technology that was first employed in providing proper and adequate rest to astronauts. Innerspring mattresses of the other hand have been around for decades now, which means they are seen as the safer option.

People researching online often get stuck on these two as well. The competitive pricing doesn’t help decide either. And not everyone knows everything about both, so i thought i should write a post to help you compare between the two. So here goes. read more

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